While many people consider pizza an Italian food, it actually originated in Naples. If you want an authentic pizza experience, why not chow down on pizza from a local Neapolitan restaurant?

Mangia Macrina's Wood Fired Pizza cooks up all kinds of pizza at our locations in Mohawk Valley. Every pizza is cooked in a genuine wood fired oven to create the crisp crust, bubbly cheese and delicious toppings that make up a traditional Neapolitan pie. You'll be able to taste over a century of pizza perfection in each and every bite.

Stop by one of our locations or our food truck today to pick up a pizza that will make you feel like you're on the other side of the world.

Find your favorites at our restaurant

There's nothing wrong with the tried and true Margherita. But if you're looking to spice up your pizza routine, you can find a wide selection of cheese and toppings at Mangia Macrina's Wood Fired Pizza. Our options include:

Red pizzas with tomato sauce, mozzarella and topics like pepperoni, prosciutto, garlic and basil
White pizzas with garlic, olive oil, spices and fresh cheese and vegetables
Specialty pizzas created from our chef's personal favorites

You can also create your own pizza exactly how you want it. With dozens of toppings to choose from, we have something to please even the pickiest pizza fanatic.

Ask about our gluten-free and vegan options when you call 315-417-3388 today.